8 Practical Tips To Improve Blogs

8 Practical Tips to Improve Blogs and Keep the Blog Alive

Today’s world demands the concept of variety in every field of life. People love to read digital content since it is easy and friendly. Nowadays every company has their own website and they will have blogs too. But most of them are either inactive or less optimized. In this post, we will discuss 8 practical tips to improve blogs.

8 Practical tips to improve blogs

Name It Different

Yes, the name must suggest the theme of your blog. In most of the sites, the title for the blog is just the word “blog”. It’s not enough. We must describe the quality of our content. We need to add our keywords or important words that match our business. Here is an example, of a company named Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd. They named it as Energy News. Thus they creatively utilized their keywords in a proper manner.

Name it Different

Target The Audience In Each Topic

The blog posts must target the audience. We usually saw a general method that we generalize the audience. We write a general content. But actually, we need to write content according to the potential customer’s view. For an example, if you are providing an online tuition for mathematics and you must target the students who are studying that subject. That means either you need to write posts for different classes, like 9th and 10th or you need to categorize students to average students or below average students. Like this way, you can target the audience in each topic.

Targeting Audience

Easy & Effective URLs

The small URL structure is always recommended by everyone who knows SEO. Most of them never optimize or customize the blog URLs. We need to have post URLs that are descriptive at the same time simple ones. This will help the people to understand the contents better.

Easy and Effective urls

Repeat The Optimization

Optimizing the content is not a one time process. We need to repeat that process. We need to review and revise the content. This will improve the quality of the blog posts. And this will increase the audience activity. Sometimes we need to add more links to our old posts to boost them. So editing your content is a really good step to improve the audience reach.

Tell Them The Untold Stories

We need to add contents relating to topics that we never discussed. That means repeating the same content or topic is really bad for your website ranking. We need to discuss the topics in a variety of ways and to reduce the content gaps. This is one of the most important tip among the 8 practical tips to improve blogs.

Visual Media Enhancements

People sometimes tired of reading. They will be encouraged by watching infographics and videos. Try to add and optimize images or videos in your blog post. Also, add descriptive alt tags to get the SEO benefits.

Visual Enhancements

Structured Markup

The structured data mark up will provide the information about the page and the content. And it may improve the SERP rankings also. The structured data markup will help to optimize the blog posts completely.  We just need to add a script to do this.

Boost Posts With Social Media

We need to attract our audience to the website with the help of social media. We need to add the blog posts to the social media channels to improve the audience reach. They will make the social media active and engaged. You can give a brief description of the posts. Remember to add your focusing keywords for a better ranking.

Social media

Using the above 8 practical tips to improve blogs will help you to attract more audience to your website. The power of audience reach is really high. You will get more potential customers and it is sure that your business will have improvements.