AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimization)

Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimization

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimization?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimization is a project by Google and Twitter aimed to make fast loading pages on mobiles. It’s basically a stripped down form of HTML pages by reducing the file size to load instantly on mobiles. It contains only the important things and fancy designs are avoided. This makes AMP pages more functional and fast loading.

AMP restricts certain tags in HTML. For example, It is not allowed to use <form> tags in AMP pages. Common JavaScript also not allowed in AMP. (But can use special JavaScript library which is suggested to AMP). When you use CSS, should use the streamlined version of CSS. Images won’t load until they are scrolled to view. The special JavaScript library for AMP will do the loading of images when they are scrolled into view until then it won’t load to reduce the page load.

AMP Framework?

AMP framework consists of three elements basically to create mobile-friendly web pages.

1. AMP HTML code – This is a type of markup language and a subset of HTML. It has got custom tags and properties. Many tags are restricted in AMP HTML to avoid the load of the web page. If you are familiar with regular web page coding and HTML, you can easily implement AMP HTML of your regular web page.

2. AMP JavaScript (JS) – Regular JavaScript codes are not permitted in AMP pages. Hence a separate JavaScript is introduced for AMP pages only. AMP JS can manage resource handling and asynchronous loading of the web pages. It will help to load elements in a page without giving much load to the page whenever it is required.

3. AMP Cache – is an optional CDN (Content Delivery Network) for delivering all valid AMP documents. The Google AMP cache can fetch AMP HTML web pages, cache the web pages and make improvement of pages by automatically optimizing performance.

AMP page design ensures good readability and speed. AMP pages can load even at slow speed internets. It is very much useful for mobile users and hence Google is promoting AMP pages by giving them top ranking in Mobile Search Results. Since the internet usage in mobile is more today compared to computers, more people will be searching through mobiles. The traffic to websites through mobile is more than computers. So if you are not implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimization on your website, you will lose the major traffic to your website.

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