Benefits of Web Analytics in Business Growth

Benefits of Web Analytics in Business Growth

Web Analytics

Web analytics is a technique that normally used to analyze the performance of a website. Benefits of Web Analytics in Business Growth is really important. Based on the web analytics data for a website, we can optimize and improve the website in a much better way. The web analytics technique includes measurement, collection, analysis and reporting. It is used to measure the website traffic and also used as a tool for online marketing and business.

Web analytics can be useful for any business with digital presence. Digital presence means they have a website or any web presence to promote their business online. For such business, web analytics can be used to measure the behaviour of visitors on their website. It is used to measure the number of visitors to the website, place of visit, IP address, network type, time spent, actions taken, demographics and many other factors.

Web analytics can also use to measure the result of traditional marketing like print broad cast advertising campaigns by analyzing the traffic to the website after that advertisement campaign. It can also estimate the popular trends and traffic which is a very useful factor in market research. Though there are several metrics that can measure by website analytics, a marketer should focus mainly on those reports which is produced with the help of web analytics. Based on the web analytics report, marketer should take necessary actions to get better results and fulfill the business objective.

Benefits of Web Analytics in Business Growth

  1. Measure the Traffic to Website

Web Analytics help to measure the number of visitors in a website. It can also determine the visitors’ demographics. It helps to identify the source from where the visit came, through which keyword or link the visitor reached to website, what all keywords they are using to search for your product or service, source of visit, like whether it is through search engines, emails, social media, display ads etc. These information and report help you to decide which channel should be focused more and where to invest and how to make it better etc.


  1. Number of Visitors to your Website.

It is the number of people who reached your website and viewed your services. Web analytics can give you a clear idea of, how many people reached, to which page they visited first, from which page they exited, are they new visitors or recurring visitors, how much time they spent on website, which all pages they viewed, most preferred pages on your website by the visitors etc. Through this report a marketer can understand the visitors’ engagement to each page in the website. This report also shows which product or service is more interested by visitors.


  1. Identify Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the ratio of total number of bounces divided by the total number of visits on the website. A bounce means, a visitor visits a page in your website and immediately closes it without taking any action like scroll, read, click on a link or visit other page etc. From this a marketer should understand, the page was not useful to the customer or it was not impressive or it was a wrong visit to that particular keyword or visitor could not find anything useful content  in that webpage. A marketer should identify the reason for this bounce rate and improve the page quality to reduce the bounces on your website. This is very important to get your business website promoted in SERPs, as search engines give low rank to pages with high bounce rate in search results.

  1. Identify Exit Pages

First of all, do not get confused with bounce rate and exit pages. Both are different, as bounce rate is an immediate closing of webpage without checking any other pages and ‘Exit pages’ are pages which is mostly closed last by a user after checking your website. In an e-commerce site usually exit rate for ‘Thank you’ page will be more than any other pages. In a dynamic website, exit rate will be more for contact page or the redirected ‘thank you’ page. When you see the web analytics report, if the exit rate is more for any other important pages that is not expected by you, please check and confirm the quality of page and find out the reason for the exit in that page. Try to understand what visitors are looking on your website and whether they are getting enough information.

  1. Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Marketers can measure the marketing campaign performance using a custom tracking code (URL) by URL builder which is a tool provided by Google. URL builder can use to create custom tracking code for any webpage or link in the website. This helps the marketers to understand the traffic and drive a good number of visitors to the website by identifying the issues related to it. Marketers can align their resources to the right campaign or channel using this tool. Proper use of resources can give a good result on ROI (Return On Investment). By understanding which channel is working good and which not working, a marketer can invest time and resources in a proper way and make strategies that give good result.

  1. Identify Target Market

Market trends and demands are vary based on geographic location. A Marketer should know the current market trends and the demands. These details can be obtained from Web analytics and can be useful to the marketers. If a marketer can know the visitors’ requirement in a particular area, he can make plans and offers based on that. Web analytics can be used to track the interests, volume, and performance of visitors based on demographics data. Demographic details include age, gender, and interests of the website visitors. Web analytics can even identify the visitors’ time spending on a website. These all data can be helpful for a business to identify their target market.


Web analytics can help the marketers to identify their target audience, reduce bounce rate and increase the Return On Investment (ROI) by positioning the right resources to the right directions/ campaigns/channels.  It helps to see the trends over time and also the daily data details. Web analytics reports will be useful to generate good profits even with low budget business marketing.