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Let’s Have A Look At The History Of Blog About Blog Marketing:

In Blog marketing, first blog appeared in the 1990’s and it was online directories. But it was not easy at all. Only the people who know how to build and upload web pages can do the blog activity. Because the blog is created, updated, and uploaded manually. But after a few years, a complete solution to this problem has come. The people who don’t know the technical sides can also do the blogging activities and this was through LiveJournal and Blogger. Here anyone can create and update his or her blog without any issues and no need to know the technical sides.

blog marketing

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is getting popular day by day. The easiness of the usage of the blog attracted many people from around the world. They used the blog to release the details of their product to all the people in the world. The business of people meets the target market through the blog. There are many blogging platforms today, the most popular one today is WordPress and it is for both the website and blog. The visitors can easily access this.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of Blog Marketing:


  • No cost: There are many free blogs like WordPress, Blogger etc. They are inexpensive to start and run. If you  use a self-hosted option it will be good for your business. Your business will look unique and better than others.
  • Easy to use: It is easy for everyone. Children to adult anyone can use it easily. You can do copy, paste, cut,      drag and drop etc in the blog.
  • Improves ranking: Blogging is a good option for SEO. The blogging will help to have a better ranking on the website.
  • Connect with your clients: The blogging allows you to have a communication with the customers. Through proper communication, you can gain the trust of your clients.
  • Money making: Blogging will provide a money making way beyond your product or service. That is you can   accept advertising, get sponsors etc.


  • Takes time: It will take time to create new and fresh content for blogging.
  •  Takes time to get the result:  You should wait patiently to see the result. You can’t expect that after publishing your product the clients or customers will flow to your blog. It will take time because the internet is a bowl of lots of information and it is overloaded in every second. So have the patience to reach your blog details to them.
  • Unique content in each blog: No matter how popular is your blog the repeated contents and repeated details and ideas will bore your clients. So each blog must be fresh and unique and it is the main problem that every blogger’s face.

Blog marketing

How We Do Blog Marketing

  •  Create your blog

Create a blogging platform and do the customization that is apt for your website. Use your website logo in the  blog too.

  • More post More viewers

The visitors are always attracted to a blog that has many posts. If your website has only 2 or 3 posts then the viewers will not visit  your blog. So add more relevant blog post.

  • Market your Blog

Integrate social media into the blog. This will allow your blog  posts to reach your followers.

  • Be ready to reply the comments

Your blog post may have comments from the visitors. Always reply to the comments. This will leads to gain a               trust in your business and blog.

  • Email Signup

Through this, the people who are interested will come to your blog again. You can keep in touch with your                   clients and you can earn more money.

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