Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services to boost your business

Facebook Marketing Services is one of the most important in Digital Marketing. As Facebook is one of the largest social media plat form having around two billion users today;  business people started using it for marketing their business. Since Facebook is an easy platform for people to connect between and showcase things, entrepreneurs started using it to showcase their products and services. Understanding the potentials & possibilities of Facebook for business marketing, Facebook introduced marketing and advertising section to help business people. Now Facebook has grown as one of the largest marketing and advertising platform. Online businesses can maximize their potentials easily through Facebook ads & marketing. Facebook can be used as a medium to introduce your brand, make it familiar in people’s minds, promote it with a positive review, attract people with offers and sales etc. SEO Kochi will help you to do all these Facebook marketing services with maximum output at an affordable cost. We are proud of our Digital marketing team who are the best in this category providing excellent support to our clients and help them to succeed in their business. SEO Kochi can strengthen your web presence, promote your brand awareness, increase fans or likes and drive more sales.

Advertising & Promotion on Facebook

Facebook Facebook Marketing Services - advertising & promotionallows marketers to reach their audience effectively. The advertisement formats are very flexible and eye catching. It will work responsively on any device and in any slow speed internet connection. The advertisement reporting tools by Facebook are very efficient and you can get the detailed report in both ways, as easy to read reports and visual reports. The advertisements impact & its effect on business can easily understand from the reports. Facebook can target showing advertisements to people based on their engagement in FB, how and when they engage, etc. User interaction and behavior is very much considered to show the advertisements. Hence effective & targeted audience can get easily for showing the ads or marketing the product or service. Other direct benefits that can get when you go for business promotions on Facebook are, existing customers connection & engagement, getting in front of the audience who are searching for your product or services, community creation for your products and services, promotion of articles, blogs, webinars, and other resources to get right audience.

Facebook Marketing through Facebook campaigns

Facebook Marketing Services - campaignsSEO Kochi offers creative and effective, audience centric Facebook campaigns. Campaigns are created based on gender, age, location, customer interest and interactions targeting potential customers. SEO Kochi’s Facebook marketing services team will manage all the marketing activities on Facebook for you, from creation to the launch of a campaign, Promotion activities till its measurement. The primary activities we perform to attract targeted visitors when creating a Facebook campaign are,

  • Understand clients business and their business needs
  • Based on the client’s business need, build a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy
  • Create and manage Facebook fan page and groups for your business/brand with regular posts and content feeds and make it interactive.
  • Create a profile on other popular social media networking sites like Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. too and link them to your company’s Facebook fan page to get more exposure to your brand.
  • Highlight the brands, business events, conferences, seminars etc. and make it reach to the audience and fans as much as possible.
  • Create, post and share your business related news and events on your brand’s Facebook business page.
  • Promote your company’s business events with Facebook’s event features
  • Review and report campaigns regularly and try to get the maximum result.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing

Facebook Marketing Services - Fan Page MarketingIn Facebook marketing, quality fans are important as without them your marketing won’t work out effectively. Without loyal fans, your marketing efforts can fall out easily. Make potential fans to super fans, which can impact other fans also to buy your service or product.

If you are a business person, company, organization, celebrity or a political figure, who wish to gain publicity among the large audience on Facebook, SEO Kochi will help you with our ‘Facebook fan page marketing services’. This is the best way to make a good and long lasting relationship with your fans and customers. SEO Kochi can showcase your product, service or business with a Facebook page or Facebook communities. Contact us soon to get the best & effective Facebook marketing.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Marketing Services - Facebook Ads ManagementSEO Kochi’s expert ‘Facebook Ad Management services’ can help you, to target your advertisements on the most advanced and highly communicating social media networking platform-Facebook. Try to use its endless potential to market your business with SEO Kochi’s best services. Our ‘Facebook Ad management services’ will help you to target the best-defined set of audience to showcase your advertisements. Our experienced team will create Facebook ads neatly and effectively to catch the eye of your targeted audience. They can help you to edit and manage the Facebook advertisements efficiently. We can create Facebook campaigns, sales advertisements, or advertisements sets for your product or services.

Facebook widget development

Facebook Marketing Services-Facebook widgetsIf you wish to add a Facebook like button, share button, Facebook page badge or any Facebook widget, SEO Kochi is there to help you. Our experienced developers can easily create it for you and with that, you can give a thrust to your business with our ‘Facebook applications and widget development services’. Our developers can offer you the most advanced, user-friendly and unique developments based on your needs. We can offer you amazing designs too with the best functionalities included. You can give a new dimension to your brand with our development and design services.

Genuine Facebook Followers

Facebook Followers -Facebook Marketing ServicesAs Facebook is the king of social media networks, a good presence on Facebook for your business will do wonders to boost your business. Facebook business page (also called fans page) is very powerful that can be used as a business tool to build relationships and credibility to your business. If you make the right followers to your fans page, you can make them engage and discuss your product or services and their details here. This is a place where you can get direct feedback from your customers. It will help you to make new strategies in your business knowing the customer feedbacks.

SEO Kochi will help you to create genuine followers or fans to your Facebook business page. When more followers are there, your brand/ business reach to more people through your posts directly or indirectly (via sharing etc.) More followers indicate more trust for your brand. Increased reach and trust generates more user interaction and leading to more traffic and business. SEO Kochi’s Facebook Marketing Services helps your business to reach to more customers, create relationships and to improve your product visibility. We also help you to gain more Facebook likes and recommendations.