Google SEO Updates 2018

Google SEO Updates 2018

Google Seo Updates 2018

Regularly Google is updating their algorithms that is around 500 times each year. Also, Google’s search engine results in pages changes constantly. The main focus of the Google is to deliver the results faster and effectively. Also, trust worthy search results are Google’s main concerns years long. Google released a paper telling that the quality of web pages depends on the factual accuracy rather than the number of inbound links. So it is clear that Google is interested in making truthfulness a ranking factor.

Google Seo Updates

Well presented  highlighted answer

As discussed Google’s main aim is to give out the answers very accurately and fastly. Bounce rate increases as the user want to wait for a long time. Google knows that speed and accuracy is everything. You can find that most searches contain boxes at the top most position. This itself implies that Google focuses heavily on presenting the results faster.

Focus on PPC

Studies reveal that page clicks are 71.33%  organic and only 15% PPC-based. Google’s revenue increases because of the advertisements.  Many companies use Ad-words to show up on display network. So we can conclude that Google’s success depends on advertising.

  • Advertising plays a critical role in SERP’s.
  • Can find a top ranking for lower CTR’s
  • We know that as SERP is higher the chance of CTR will also be high.Companies need to emphasis on rich snippets and rich cards.
  • Rich cards get higher CTR than the first organic result.

Competitors fight for answer boxes

Even if a site doesn’t rank first organically , it still appears on the SERP with answer boxes. Multiple sites will be competing for the same position.

Mobile Focused Optimization

Mobile traffic dominates than the desktop traffic. Since the mobile traffic increases than the desktop visits, Google begins to focus heavily on mobile search traffic.

Google  changing and updating its algorithm as we read that makes over 500 changes every year. Additions like rich snippets to the card, AMP etc made along with the search results. These additions are included in Google to produce a better experience for the user. SERP’s are changing fastly. So stay ahead in SERP by spotting the trends of 2018.

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