Off-page SEO techniques

Off Page SEO TechniquesOff page SEO techniques are the techniques used in SEO, to increase the search engine visibility of a website through links, contents, referrals, relationships etc. These techniques help to increase the authority of a website through various ways.

Important Off page SEO techniques:

Link Building:

Link building is the most effective Off-page SEO technique. It is the most popular Off-page SEO technique everyone is using to create external links to your website. Each external link is a vote for you, means the referrals from others. For example, if you like an article and gives a link to that article in your page for the particular service or product or keyword, it means you are telling search engines, that page has got good information for the keyword in that link. Google and other search engines count these votes or links for your ranking on SERPs.

There are many ways to build links to a web page or website for the purpose of SEO and page ranking. They are given below.

Blog Directories:

These are very giant databases that are searchable and contains the user submitted websites. These websites can be searchable by category and subcategories. Each entry in the directory will have enough details and links to the website for which it was submitted in the directories. “Yellow pages” is an example of a blog directory, where each entry has a link pointing to the website.

Forum Signatures:

You might have seen people commenting on forums. It is a type of website promotion using comment with signature by inserting link back to their website. This will help to create back links as well as to increase traffic to your website.

Comment link:

It is also a link creation using comment as in ‘Forum signatures’. Here you have to comment on a blog or other websites with the focusing keyword by inserting a link to that webpage.

Article Directories:

You can publish articles in article directory websites with required back link inserted into it for your website. Some article directories allow any type of articles like published or spin articles. But some accepts only unique content. You have to choose the good article directories to promote your website. ‘Ezine articles’ is a good example of article submission directory.

Shared Content Directories:

Some websites will allow you to take links by publishing content in their website. “hubpages” and “infobrrel” are some good examples.

Link exchange schemes:

 This is a type of link giving schemes between two websites with mutual understanding. (ie. If you are publishing your link on my site, I will also allow you to add your link on my site. In some cases third website also will include to avoid direct exchange.) These artificial techniques are not recommended and consider as a black hat technique which is punishable by search engines.

Social Media:

Is also helpful in creating links. But the links you are getting from social media sites will be mostly nofollow links. Yet they play very important role in gaining ranking and traffic to your websites.

Social Bookmarking:

This is a good way to book mark your content in various websites like,,,, etc. Based on your website category and content you can select the web site to promote your content. This will help you to create back links and traffic to your website.


If your SEO campaigns to become fruitful, you have to do off page SEO techniques also with on-site seo. Doing both together will give you good result with top ranking and increased traffic. Promote your website with proper plan and patience to achieve the desied result.