Landing Page Optimization Reminder

Most probably you may be thinking that your landing page optimization is best and will be in the top notch. One of the best ways to make sure that you have all your essential things on a landing page is to have a checklist of all things that you don’t need to forget. So if you need to have a checklist for your landing page optimization processes, keep on reading.

Landing Page Optimization

Why Landing Pages?

Landing pages allow becoming focused on a specific action that we want the user to perform that is related to business goals and profits. Landing pages will direct the audience to the right destination.

Understand Your Customer

Landing page creation starts with the customer.  So think about their aspirations, attitude, and lifestyles.

Check where your lead is in the buying process.

It is vital to have a landing page for each step to capture the largest share of customers. By understanding the position of customers you can understand mind state and intent.  Given below are the steps in the buying process

  • Awareness: In this process, the customer finds the brand.
  • Interest: When customers become aware they need to know the benefits of the product.
  • Consideration: When customers consider you as an option it’s essential to show the security and safety seals and give them comfort.
  • Evaluation: Don’t make so many comparisons with your competitors but be proud and make a clear picture what makes you stand out.
  • Purchase: Keep in mind that customer service won’t end even if you want more business.

Cause for the conversion!

Focus on the customer and view the things from their point of view. List out the benefits that will attract more customers.

Presenting or Introducing Landing Page Optimization

Humans trust people who have positive body language and who speak calmly and directly. Similarly is the reaction of people to the landing page.

Copywriting in Landing page

The framework of the copywriting is listed below:

  • Give out the statement of uniqueness.
  • To establish credibility support with a statement.
  • Brief up an experience and explain how to solve an issue.
  • Encourage call to action click.

Don’t focus to sell your products, sell visitor on your product. And, don’t use exclamation marks.


Every visitor stays on if the headlines and images are catching. Headlines must be crafted well, so spend more time on the creation of the first paragraph and on the headline. Try to explain why customers should buy your products. The relevance of your product.

Relevance of SEO

Here is a list of things to consider in SEO.

  • Page Title: Include the keyword in the page title preferably at the beginning. Ensure that keyword is there in the meta description, page URL, content. And make sure the keyword density remain below 5%.
  • HTML Tags: Check out whether the keyword is there in H1, first paragraph and in H2. Also include the keyword in image file name, alt tags for images.
  • Videos: Chances of conversion rate by uploading a video is high because of high profile wins in CRO from the video.

Designing of the Page

Including human faces with an eye is very important. Websites with social presence and human faces find to be more trustworthy.  In a case study, it is revealed that by the inclusion of photographs the chance of acceptance increases. Use fonts that are easy to read. Include social share buttons to pages. The forms need to be effective and need to be relevant to the goals of the page.

Hope you understand the significance of a landing page and on how to do landing page optimization.