Most Dominating SEO Trends to rank high in Google

 most dominating seo trends

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a ball game that enables the businesses to stay ahead of their competitors on the SERP results page to gain a sea of traffic and sales. The best way to stay a step ahead of the competitors and give them a tough competition is to know how search engine functions and following most dominating seo trends. Based on the amendments, the website owners should modify the content and tweak the SEO strategy before their competitor does. With the constant changes in the SEO industry, it is crucial for business to keep their fingers on the pulse

Undoubtedly, 2017 is going to be an exciting year for SEO by following the most dominating seo trends bagging the meaty role.

Improvement in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

accelerated mobile pages amp

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are open source protocol that lets the website owners to create web pages that loads quickly on all mobile devices irrespective of their screen resolution. The few structural changes will allow the site to load four times quickly and consume eight times less data. The Google is giving advantage to the sites that have adopted AMPs to boost their visibility in a carousel with a small icon showing the status of AMP. In the coming years, you can see more priority is given to AMPs in the search engine results with more brands embracing this option. This is one of the most dominating SEO trends to rank high in google.

Improvement of “Dense” Content

People are getting bored of reading the same content with the jumbling of words. A few years ago, the focus was on creating bite sized content to let the readers assimilate the concepts easily, but today there is high rise in crafting epic content. This epic content has lengthy articles covering nitty-gritty of the topic. With the market crammed with both these content types, but many people are showing interest in reading short and crisp content over reading pages of content that is length. You need to create depth content that appeals and engages the readers. This is one of the most dominating SEO trends to rank high in google.

Machine learning is changing the working of algorithm

RankBrain Hummingbird Google Algorithm
Google RankBrain that was released a few years ago has opened doors for algorithmic machine learning. In extension to this algorithm, Google Hummingbird was released which is totally focused on how users are phrasing the queries and based on their queries the algorithm is getting updated. Since the release of this algorithm, there is no new algorithm has hit the SEO world, but the experts are anticipating one from Google. This search engine Giant may release such algorithms in the coming few years and we see the progression of machine learning in other areas like marketing automation and data interpretation. This is one of the most dominating SEO trends to rank high in google.

Personal Branding will soon become a powerful SEO Weapon

Personal branding is considered to be a brilliant SEO strategy for a long time. When you have gained reputation for your brand, you can gain guest posts, trust of the users and drive in huge traffic to the website. On a serious note, only a few brands are taking advantage of SEO efforts. The social media platforms, like Facebook are tweaking their algorithms to give prime importance of brand posts over individual posts. This clearly indicates that many companies would take advantage of personal branding to make a name for them in the online world. This gives ample opportunities for the business and the same time increases in the competition. This is one of the most dominating SEO trends to rank high in google.

User Experience Optimization (UEO) Will overshadow the SEO

User Experience Optimization
User experience is also an important element in SEO to some extent. Google will improve the ranking of the site that has high page loading time, the site that is compatible with mobile devices and the one that gives an incredible experience to the users. In the recent times, there is a huge rise in giving importance to user experience, since many people are accessing the websites through the mobile devices. You can embrace AMPs to boost the user experience and also use other ways to improve the experience of the users to which Google favors.

Apps are opening the doors

The SEO options for mobile applications are on the rise over a few years. The applications are getting indexed and the content inside the app is linked. Moreover, the app is streaming the content without even downloading them onto your mobile devices. Google has indexed the applications by keeping its core functions intact. In the coming years, you can see app favoritism. In fact, apps would quickly replace the traditional sites.

Personal Digital Assistants become sophisticated and change the way searches are carrying out Search Queries.
Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) have become common and people have started using them. Few of the tools like SIRI and CORTONA have made the lives of users simple by increasing the number of verbal and conversational queries that are used by the users to search for their desired concepts on search engines. In the coming years, you can see the diversification and sophistication of these useful features giving opportunities for the searches to embrace new search types and with more advanced conversational queries. This also changes the ranking of the sites.

We cannot predict what Google and other renowned search engines have stored for the users, but it is clear that these trends would make the lives of people easy. Though, you do not need to quickly tweak your strategy instead you need to see how these new trends will have impact on your campaign down the line.

If you stay on par with these most dominating seo trends, it is easy for you  to predict the other changes in pipeline which helps you to stay always ahead of the competitors in the SEO game.