Off-Page SEO – Importance and Benefits.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-Page SEOOff-page SEO refers to the activities or techniques that can be used outside of your website to improve the ranking position of your web page in the search engine result pages (SERPs).  Off page SEO can be referred to as the optimization of your product or brand and it’s online and offline impression; through the use of good contents, links, networks or relationships for search engines. Means it is the promotional activities for a website or brand to make it visible and familiar. As a result, you can get an increase in positive brand positions, search rankings, quality traffic to your website and good conversions.

In Google’s view, off-page SEO is what other sites tell or refers about your site.  For eg: if your website has a lot of incoming links from other websites; Google thinks, your website has got a good content related to those keywords. In fact, it is like other web pages are recommending your website; for the keywords they are linked to your website. Off-page SEO is always happening outside of your website boundaries. The blogs, comments, guest post etc. can all use for doing off-page website promotion.

Why is Off-Page SEO important for a website’s SERP ranking?

The aim of search engines is to give the accurate result for the query submitted by a user. Search engines try new methods to improve the quality of their result day by day. For improving the quality of the search results, they check a number of factors like; ‘on page elements’, ‘off page elements’ and ‘some quality factors’. When on page SEO give quality within the website; ‘Off-page SEO’ tells how the world around your website thinks or suggest your website. When a website has more links or references coming to it, It is assumed that it will be a high quality or a useful website. Such useful websites will have good mentions on social medias, more shares, likes, tweets, and pins.

Benefits of Off-site SEO

If you could do a successful off-site SEO on your website, it can give you the below-mentioned benefits.

  1. Top rank in SERPs –

    A successful off-page SEO will result in giving high ranks to your website in search engine result. As a result of top rank attained in SERPs, more people will notice your website, more click will happen and thus more traffic to your website for relevant keywords.

  2. More exposure –

    Top ranks will give good publicity and coverage and hence can get more clicks, visits, links, shares and social media references. This again gives more publicity and more traffic to the website.

  3. More Business –

Finally, Top rank in SERPs and more exposure to your brand will give you more business which is the ultimate goal.

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