Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Difference between Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing

The aim or goal of any type of business marketing is same; attract more visitors and make them buy the products or services and increase business and profit. But which method to choose depends on many factors, including cost. Difference between online marketing and traditional marketing is based on the competition in the modern world. It is highly recommended to opt for online marketing techniques to give your business that digital edge and attract a wider range of audience.

What is Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

Online Marketing

online marketing

Online Marketing is the marketing via different online channels through the internet. You can market or advertise your product or services on the internet to boost your business. Websites or emails are the main way to reach to the users in online marketing. E-commerce can also add to make the online business and transactions much easier and convenient. Online marketing is mainly focusing on websites to promote product or services. Yet various other types of marketing techniques are also used to promote online marketing. Some of the major techniques used in Online marketing are Web Analytics, Content marketing, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Social medias, Blogs, and Forums. Online marketing is also known as Internet marketing or Digital marketing.


Traditional Marketing

traditional marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been in use by companies for years, and that has a proven success rate. Methods of traditional marketing can include print advertisements, such as newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads. Other forms of traditional marketing include television spots or commercials, as well as radio spots advertising a business, product or service.

Let us compare the difference between online marketing and traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing

Traditional marketing is difficult to measure as we won’t get the details of reach. How many people viewed your advertisement and what all actions they did like, whether they noticed your address, made inquiries, made phone calls etc. details can’t measure

Online Marketing is completely measurable. For eg; you can measure the number of people viewed, whether they clicked your ads, bought your product etc.. You can even know the location of people who purchased your service or product.

It is not cost-effective. Means we may not get enough result as we expect, for the money we spent.

It is more cost-effective.  The result is assured for the money we spend.

It is not so good for brand building. To reach your brand name to people, you should work hard and spend a lot in traditional marketing. Even then you are not sure about the result.

Digital marketing is effective, fast and efficient for brand building. People will become familiar with your brand so easily.

The traditional way of advertisements may become an interruption to people. For eg; if you are watching a movie on TV, the ads showing between will be an interruption. So there is a chance to switch to other channel and then the ads won’t get noticed by the users. Like that, billboards may divert the attention of drivers. Sometimes, people won’t even notice it. There is a limitation of time and space in such ads.

Advertisements in online won’t interrupt like traditional ways. Some JavaScript ads may come as pop-ups, but the user has the freedom to close it or disable the JavaScripts. Other type ads will be displayed as banner ads on the side of a web page. These type of ads won’t cause any difficulties for the users. If anyone gets interested, seeing the ad, they can click on that to know more details.

Sometimes, people won’t get full details of the ads. If they have any queries related to the ads, it will remain unanswered. Printings or TV ads will have limitations to narrate all the information in detail.. within the limited space and limited time.

In Online advertising space is not an issue. You can give an attractive advertisement, to attract users and when they come to know more about that, can redirect them to another page with full information like service, offers, and transactions.


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