Components of Online Marketing

Online Marketing ComponentsImportant Online Marketing Components for Business Promotion

Online marketing is the process of promoting a business product or services through various online channels. It can be defined as a set of tools and methodologies used for online promotions. Online marketing is also known as internet marketing or digital marketing or web marketing or search engine marketing (SEM). Online marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing like better control, improved customer service, reduced expenses etc. Let us see; what are the various components that we can use in online marketing.

Market Research

Market Research is a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of a company and help it to work smarter. It is the process of gathering all information related to a market like; trends in the market, the behavior of consumers, demographics and much other information. To make a market research, you need to set clear objectives and understand the market well. Then,

1. Review the traffic to your website.

2. Review the conversion rates for your advertisements.

3. Review your customers’ requirements, comments, and queries.

4. Try to understand the language of your audience.

5. Identify the sites like yahoo answers where customers post questions and opinions on services or products.

6. Prepare a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with their answers and post them for users to read.

7. Include fact sheet about products if it is required.

8. Find opportunities and identify influencers.

Keyword Research

To drive potential traffic, sales and ROI on your website, you should know the relevant keywords to your site. Many processes in online marketing depend on keywords and hence relevant keywords selection is very important to succeed in your online marketing. There are a lot of keyword research tool available today like google keyword planner, SEMrush etc. Yet before using any tool, it is important to understand yourself about the keywords for your website. For this, you can ask yourself some questions given below.

1. What product or service this website offers?

2. Or what is the purpose of this website?

3. How clearly the website conveys its purpose or service or products?

4. Have this page clearly mentioning the details a user needs?

5. Which all phrases or words a user might type while searching for a solution from this website?

6. Are the keywords relevant to the service and products offered on the website and to the user?

SEO Friendly Website

An SEO friendly website helps very much in online marketing. The right keywords and contents help the website to be identified by search engines, and to list it in SERPs. SEO friendly website can get good ranking on mobile results, more credibility to the brand, more user-friendliness, cost-effective and give you more organic traffic to your website. These all will help to increase the business of your website which is your ultimate aim.

Web Analytics

Helps you to understand the visitors and their behavior on your website; so that you can measure what all working proper as you aim and what all not working. This data about your website helps you to make necessary changes and improve your website’s performance and conversion rates. This can help you to achieve good profits from your business.

Online Advertising

Online advertising helps to catch the attention of viewers very easily. A good ad design can easily convey the messages to viewers. Ads with good images can tempt the viewers to buy it or try it and hence the branding or product or service interest can easily develop.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising has a good reach today than any other advertising platforms. Most of the people carry mobiles with them always and search often for anything and everything they need. Hence the ads on mobiles can create a good impact on marketing a product or service.

Social Media Marketing

Social media connects people around the world through simple platforms like ‘Google plus’, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It helps you to remain connected with your existing or potential customers, build awareness about your products or services, give information about new products, insist them to buy your product by creating a desire in their minds etc.. It helps to be connected with people easily.

Email Marketing

It helps you to interact with people through automatic responders, promotional offers etc. You can also answer to   customer queries through emails. Email marketing helps you to be connected with people and enhance the experience with your website. Offer customers for an email subscription and update them with your website news. Create catchy words in the subject line to make them open the emails so that to boost the interaction with your website. Give links and easy access to your website or products through email content.

Content Marketing

It is an affordable and easy to create, type of marketing. The result of content marketing is long term. Content marketing includes the creation and sharing of media to attain the attention of people. A content can be of any kind of text, graphics, videos or an interactive element on a website. Contents gives information about your website or business. It helps Google to understand your website service and give ranks on SERPs. It is shareable and earn links or reference from other sites, earns conversions and makes you an industry authority. Content is the foundation of every online marketing strategy.


Blogs are also webpages created by an individual or for a company. It is created with an aim to update with contents. It is an easy platform to write and share contents easily. For online promotion, you can use blogs and for that, you have to update your blog regularly with good contents. Blogs can improve your websites’ SEO. It can be used to create inbound links to your websites from its blog posts and thus create more traffic to your website. Blogs can use to enforce your brand as an expert.

Internet Forums

Forums are mainly message boards of online discussion websites, where people communicate each other by asking questions and engage in a conversation. This technique is very effective for business promotion. Forums have a good credibility on the internet always. And hence, the discussions in that platforms will have a wonderful effect on online society. It can use wisely to promote your business.

Customer Pain Points

Find out what makes your customers uneasy, annoying, frustrating, sick, scared, angry, or uncomfortable and try to get the trust of your customers through good communication. Make use of the situation by giving a solution with your products.

Paid Search Advertising

When normal SEO can’t lift your website to the top ranks, it is important to show your website to the searchers somehow. Paid search advertising or PPC can help you with that. The main advantage of PPC is, show up ads towards the top of search engines immediately. No need to wait for a long time to get the website listed in SERPs. These ads can get the attention of users and can get traffic through clicks from there. This can help you to boost your business.

In online marketing, all the components are important and effective when used in a proper way. You can make a huge impact on your business through online marketing using online marketing tools and components.