SEO And Content Marketing

The most important tool in digital marketing is SEO and Content marketing. So it is important to know how to handle both of these. SEO is used to make it easy for the search engine bots to read the web pages of the website and include it in the index of the search engine. An SEO friendly website will rank far better than a non SEO website. The SEO friendly website will get more traffic from different search engines, more sale and conversion, faster and mobile friendly, attracts more targeted traffic.

SEO and Content Marketing


What is the benefits from SEO

  • Get more Traffic from different Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Rank higher on Google.
  • Performance of SEO is more better than non-optimized websites.
  • It attract more targeted traffic.

Content marketing explains how to use content for marketing purposes.  Articles, images, videos, banners, product reviews etc come under content. The marketing part of content marketing has to do with how you can promote your content online in order to meet your digital marketing goals. The contents can be used to promote the business and sales. For example Blogging, creation of videos, image publications etc.

Content Marketing Examples shows below:

  • Blogging – use a blog to create content.
  • Publish an image gallery to showcase your products.
  • Create an infographic to explain a process your customers should follow.
  • Create a video for reviewing and comparing products.

Difference between SEO & Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

We know what SEO is. The SEO makes sure that the website has proper URLs, titles, page loading speed, images with alt tags etc. The SEO is more technical but in content marketing, the content is used to get an online exposure. To get more target audience and response you should decide how to present the content. With SEO you will check that your website has a suitable title, URL and Meta descriptions. In SEO has an easy to use menu, proper alt tag in images.

By using Content Marketing you must need to decide what type of content to publish, also how to present it and how to promote it online so that it is appears in front of your target audience.

SEO and Content Marketing – Together They are Dynamite

You have seen what SEO is and what Content Marketing is. From this, we can understand that both of these are useful to rank a website. SEO makes your website easy to read for search engine bots and users. The SEO will help your website to rank better. The rank of the website can be increased if content marketing is used. Good contents will stay and flow around the social media platforms and get more exposure. There is also a huge possibility of getting natural good links to your website from other websites. These links will rapidly increase the rank of your website. Content marketing plays an important role in SEO. The benefits of content marketing attract everyone and they try this. Before publishing the content it must be optimized properly by following the SEO rules. So utilize both SEO and Content Marketing and see the difference in website ranking.

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