How To Reduce Bounce Rate

Methods Used To Reduce Bounce Rate

What is a bounce rate? What are the methods used to reduce bounce rate? The simple definition of bounce rate is if people landed on a web page and closed that page within seconds without doing any interaction on the website this will turn as a bounce rate. Bounce rate is one of the main issues in a website. Increase in bounce rate can lower the rank of a website and it is not good. Bounce rate indicates the quality of a website. Google will think that the particular web page doesn’t contain any relevant information for users. The website which has Google Analytics will record all the action on that page. The bounce rate is calculated for the landing pages only.



methods used to reduce bounce rate


What are the methods used to reduce bounce rate?

  • Improve page loading speed

The visitors will close your website if the website takes more loading time. It is a common nature of people because most of them are busy and they need and expect the result without any delay. So the website which take more load time, people close it suddenly. So reduce the loading issues in the website as soon as possible.

  • Gain the attention of Everyone

The loading speed is good and you have no relevant content and the details on the web page then it is sure that people will close the window. So use apt and attractive titles and contents in your website. The more time people read your interesting details less the chance of bounce rate.

  • Make a colourful content

The attention of people easily goes to a page where it has attractive images and other alignments that make your content more impressive. A web page full of text content is really boring and most people don’t like to read the whole text. So use some images, make worlds bold or italics to highlight the important words on your web page.

  • Fewer Ads Less Bounce Rate

If your web page contains lots of ads the one who visits your web page feels it annoying. The person who is looking for something is landed on your web page. If lots of ads on your web page make any kinds of disturbance to them they leave the web page immediately and never visit again.

  • Internal Links

If the content in the web page is interesting and impressive the visitors will stay on your web page. To gain more time of the visitors you can use internal links. That is, give some internal links to relevant words to the other web page of the same website.  People will click on it and land to the other page on the website. This will reduce the bounce rate.

  • Proper Guidelines to the Visitors

Maybe some people don’t know what to do and where to go in a web page. So if you provide proper guidelines they will stay on a web page for more time. For example, you can give guidelines like showing related articles, click here to buy or download, etc.

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