Ways to Improve Google My Business, Maps Ranking


Ways to Improve Google my business ,Maps Ranking

Many local business owners want to improve their Google places page rankings to improve their business visibility in the search results. The internet audience finding your local business will step into your store and this helps you gain huge sales in a short span. There are many Ways to Improve Google My Business, Maps Ranking.

Some Of the Ways to Improve Google My Business, Maps Ranking

Business Listings
The ranking of your business in Google places page totally depends on how genuine your business is. If your business founds to be real, then Google gives a top position in Google place results. The trustworthiness of your business is validated by Google based on how many times your business name, address and phone number are searched by the audience on the internet. This is similar to how your back links act on search engine optimization. The more back links you have, the better will be your search engine ranking.

The best way to get your business cited on Google places page is to submit your business in all reliable local and business directories. There are many SEO companies who are offering the service of adding your local business into top 25 directories. This helps the people who are in need of your product or service to contact your immediately. This is the best ways to improve Google My Business, Maps Ranking.

Consistent NAP
You need to list the business NAP in the directories, website contact details and Google places page similarly. Moreover, this information has to be up-to-date. If there is change in official phone number, then you need to immediately update the same in all the places. It is important for you to maintain business NAP consistent to make sure that the Google crawler will not get confused while crawling. Basically, different contact details in different places will confuse the crawler and push your Google place page ranking down.

To ensure that your business NAP is consistent, you need to do through research about your business before adding the details into the directory. After adding the details, you need to check how your business page looks like. If you find the contact details on the directories are incorrect, then you need to get in touch with the directory website owner to correct the details immediately. However, when you handover the job of submitting your business contact details on different directories, these people take care of it and give a citation report every month to check the citations of your business in different directors.

NAP on Website

It is crucial for you to submit the business name and contact details on the website. You need to add contact information either on the header or footer page of the website to maximize the visibility. Also, the customers do not need to search extensively for the contact information on your website. You need to add name, address, and contact number in the contact information of your web page. You need to use schema mark-up to add the details. This helps the audience to get your contact details in the Google snippet.


Embedded Google Map

Embed Google Map
Today, the businesses are showing up the location using Google map to let the customers find the business address with ease and without any hassle. It is a best practice to have the Google place listed in your contact page. This helps Google to confirm that you are located in the listed address. And, your address is shown up when the user searches for the business similar to yours in your locality.

It is quite easy to embed the Google map. All you need to do is to search your business name in Google map. After you find your business name, you need to click on the three lines in the search bar and then click Share or Embed Map. After selecting the map, you need to embed this map in the pop-up box. Subsequently, you need to copy and paste the iframe code in the contact page to show the map to your prospective and potential customers. This is the major ways to improve Google My Business, Maps ranking

You need to make sure to get many reviews from the customers. The best way to get reviews is by publishing the blog posts related to your business or service regularly. Google shows the web page that has more than 20 reviews on the in the mapped listing over the web pages that has no reviews. Moreover, the site that has many positive reviews will be shown up in the top Google places page. In addition, it helps the user to get the relevant and appropriate search results for the searched keyword.

Improve Rankings
Despite of adding your business contact information in the business directories and encouraging your customers to write review about your site, if the site ranking is still low, then you need to cite your more in different ways.
You need to research to find where your competitors are cited to rank better. You need to research with their business name and if their business name has come up in a directory, then you need to cross-check whether or not your business is listed in that particular directory. If it is not listed, then add it.

You can use citation building service

Local citation buildingAlike to that of SEO, Google also uses business citations to provide the searches with the relevant search results when they search for a business on Google places page. You need to follow the above tips to improve your Google places ranking. There are many SEO services who are providing a special package for the businesses to improve their Google places ranking. You need to avail those services to push up your ranking.

Google My Business will helps you to do your business in online. And you can show the world to start a business by Google search and Maps. and use so many ways to improve Google My Business, Maps Ranking to establish your business.


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