What is SEO?

What is SEO?What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is the activity of optimizing a website or web pages for search engines to list in a high position in the search results by making the pages Search Engine Friendly.

What is search engine friendly means?

A Search engine friendly website is a user-friendly website that can easily get, on searches in search engines. It should be a website designed for people who are using search engines. Means the website should be designed, programmed and written in a way to understand for both search engines and users. This type of websites can rank high for searches in search engines. A search engine friendly website’s content should be accessible to the search engines and it should be able to index for the proper category in the search engine index. Search engines can show a web page in a visitors search only if it is indexed to the proper category in search engine index.

Advantages of SEO

  1. Increasing or improving the volume of quality traffic to the website from organic search results from search engines.
  2. Making the website to rank high in search results in search engines.
  3. Market the website content or service or product by knowing the search engine’s search algorithms and the human visitor’s search topic.

What is SEO copyrighting?

what is SEO copy rightingSEO itself is referred to as ‘SEO copyrighting’ as SEO is a part of search engine marketing and the techniques used for search engine marketing is dealing mostly with texts. It is the way of writing viewable text on web pages targeting the specified keywords for that particular web page by allowing the visitors to read it easily. The aim of SEO copyrighting is to rank that particular page well in search engines for the targeted keywords in that web page. SEO Copyrighting also optimizes other on-page elements like title, meta description, keywords, heading tags, alt tags etc. for the focusing keywords on that web page. SEO copyrighting helps to avoid “doorway pages” (pages designed for search engines only to achieve high ranking) and create good content pages usable for visitors and search engines.

What is a ‘Search Engine’ and How a ‘Search Engine’ works to give you the best result?

A search engine is a software or program or script that search through the internet to collect information from documents and files for keywords that users may type in a search query.

Search engines perform several processes to give the search results.

They are given below.


  1. Crawling is the process of scanning or fetching the contents in a web page by the search engine robots. (also called crawler or spider). In case of Google search engine, the crawler or robot is known as ‘Googlebot’.
  2. Indexing is the process of creating an index for all the crawled web pages by identifying the category and expressions in a web page and assigning that page to the best keywords suitable for it. It is saved by creating an index in the search engine’s giant database for later retrieval when it is required through searches.
  3. Processing is the comparison of search strings entered by a user on searches with the indexed web pages stored in the search engine’s giant database.
  4. Relevancy calculation is the process of calculating relevancy or accuracy for the search keyword with the pages that contain the search string that is indexed and saved in the search engine database.
  5. Result Retrieval is the process of retrieving the best-matched results from the many matched pages and displaying them in the browser. Based on relevancy, the most matched result will be showing in the top of the search engine results.

Search engines update their algorithms regularly to keep it secure and avoid any misuse. Because of these frequent updates, webpage’s ranking may change for the same keywords. When you are doing SEO for your website, always keep updated with search engine’s new techniques and updates and follow their instructions strictly. This can help you to do a successful SEO for your website.

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